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ok so i think i finally found a category where tumblr is better than pinterest and that’s food

on pinterest if you search recipes they’re like “try a skinny mom pop! put 3 strawberries on a stick and add a little drizzle of white chocolate! way tasty and way healthier than most dessert options out there!”

tumblr food tag is like “put 15 snickers bars in a bigger fucking snickers bar you beautiful disaster”




I feel bad for making a post asking for commissions, but on the side where I am working on a comic, I am struggling to get a job and supporting my life with the little money I do have. On one hand, it could be because I have little experience in the job industry (gotta have worked in retail to work in retail) and this city of Portland is compact. We would like to move to a better neighborhood but cannot. My situation is not severe compared to others, but I love to do work for other people and until I get a job, this is the most I can ask of people without feeling pathetic or selfish… and besides, who doesn’t like a little pocket money?


  • sketch — 10$
  • ink — 15$
  • color — 20%
  • shading — +5$


  • sketch — 20$
  • ink — 25$
  • color — 30$
  • shading — +5$

full body;

  • sketch — 30$
  • ink — 35$
  • color — 40$
  • shading — +5$

extra information;

  • +5$ for each extra character
  • paypal only (
  • any questions or concerns:
  • furry/anthro commissions open
  • NSFW commissions open
  • my deviantART / instagram / furaffinity (brand new!)

UPDATE: We have very little time to scrape some sense and cents together and get down to Florida to start a better chance at a healthy and financial life. I hate to plead for money, but like in my previous posts, it seems I don’t have much of a choice for to reach out. I’m not sure what I will get in return, but any sort of contribution would do.

This goes for me too. There’s a link for my commissions on my page.

You keep these kids ignorant and then suddenly they’re in a situation that they don’t even have the words for and they have no idea what to do,” she says. “They’re not taught how to ask for consent, how to give consent, how to revoke consent and stop mid-way through. They don’t know to use protection or to demand it if it’s absent, they don’t know this will spread STIs and pregnancy. They don’t know it’s not supposed to hurt. Can you believe that? So, so, so many people think that sex is supposed to hurt the partner with a vagina when they have sex for the first time. They think that’s just the way it is, that’s just how it goes. *That* is obscene to me. Enforced ignorance that inevitably results in physical and emotional damage, *that’s* obscenity.
Rich Goldstein asked me what I consider to be obscene in his article on my work, ‘Oh Joy Sex Toy’: The Internet’s Most Radical Sex-Fueled Comic Strip (via erikamoen)
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