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ok so i think i finally found a category where tumblr is better than pinterest and that’s food

on pinterest if you search recipes they’re like “try a skinny mom pop! put 3 strawberries on a stick and add a little drizzle of white chocolate! way tasty and way healthier than most dessert options out there!”

tumblr food tag is like “put 15 snickers bars in a bigger fucking snickers bar you beautiful disaster”




I feel bad for making a post asking for commissions, but on the side where I am working on a comic, I am struggling to get a job and supporting my life with the little money I do have. On one hand, it could be because I have little experience in the job industry (gotta have worked in retail to work in retail) and this city of Portland is compact. We would like to move to a better neighborhood but cannot. My situation is not severe compared to others, but I love to do work for other people and until I get a job, this is the most I can ask of people without feeling pathetic or selfish… and besides, who doesn’t like a little pocket money?


  • sketch — 10$
  • ink — 15$
  • color — 20%
  • shading — +5$


  • sketch — 20$
  • ink — 25$
  • color — 30$
  • shading — +5$

full body;

  • sketch — 30$
  • ink — 35$
  • color — 40$
  • shading — +5$

extra information;

  • +5$ for each extra character
  • paypal only (
  • any questions or concerns:
  • furry/anthro commissions open
  • NSFW commissions open
  • my deviantART / instagram / furaffinity (brand new!)

UPDATE: We have very little time to scrape some sense and cents together and get down to Florida to start a better chance at a healthy and financial life. I hate to plead for money, but like in my previous posts, it seems I don’t have much of a choice for to reach out. I’m not sure what I will get in return, but any sort of contribution would do.

This goes for me too. There’s a link for my commissions on my page.

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